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Just a blonde computer geek in florida! I love to design and told pretty good at it okay very good lol. I have a background in graphic art and Web design. multimedia and video animation is my latest area of study. I love to learn, read spend time with my son and go to the beach.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Wow this year 2014 came fast and furious

I'm shocked it's been thus long since I've posted. I just have had so much going on its unreal at times. In June 2014 I'm going to be a first time grandma to a grandson first off. My boyfriend whom has cancer is going to have a birthday tomorrow. My son who is 13 is so happy. The bad news is my sister is loosing her breast cancer battle. My adult son was crushed by his 2 year relationship and my 19 year old is struggling as well as they both don't have much money and it's hard for them. I made dean's list last year yet I'm not back in this year yet so I guess the the good and bad of my daily times of 2014.